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Name:United Words
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united words

You've decided to go on a trip to see the world. The details of how or why you've come to this conclusion are fuzzy, but it's too late to back down now. Before you know it, you've boarded the airship—the Babel—and you're on your way with several others to explore the world.

Only it's not quite the world you expected to see. You've come to a small, nameless planet alone in a distant galaxy. To bring form and life to this empty world, the Babel travels to different universes to collect passengers and crew. It studies these people from other worlds and draws on their memories to fill its own planet with cities and towns, forests and deserts, mountains and oceans, and creatures and plants of all kinds. Each month, it makes a stop to allow the passengers to explore, enjoy, and sustain what it takes from their memories. But being on the ship has a strange side effect: passengers may find themselves unable to speak their native language, but perfectly capable of speaking languages they never knew before...

Welcome to [community profile] unitedwords, a multilingual panfandom dressing room (originally on LiveJournal as [ profile] rplanguageclub). This community is meant for those who would like to try roleplaying in a language other than English. Every month, the airship will stop at a new location drawn from the homeworlds of characters that come and go, and/or a randomized event will take place. Membership is OPEN, but please read the FAQ before posting.

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